Dr. Dominik Preusche




Sprachen: Flaggen EN, FR, IT, ES, NO, DE, PL

German Patent Assessor

Technical Education:

PhD in Applied and Experimental Physics at the University of Regensburg
Master of Advanced Study (MASt) at the University of Cambridge, UK
Diploma in Physics at the University of Regensburg as fellow of the German National Merit Foundation
Legal Education:

  • at University of Hagen
  • at the German Patent and Trademark Office
  • at the German Federal Patent Court
  • at a civil division for IP infringements at the District Court of Mannheim
  • Teaching Activities:

Tutor with the Centre d’Études Internationales de la Propriété Intelectuelle (CEIPI) of the Université de Strasbourg
Main technical fields:

Mechanical engineering, electronics, optics, applied physics, medical technology, plastics technology, automotive technology, plasma technology, vacuum technology, information technology, inorganic chemistry, semiconductor technology, microsystems technology and optoelectronics

Main aereas of practice:

All matters relating to industrial property protection, in particular Patent, utility model, trademark and design applications
Oppositon, appeal and nullity proceedings
Infringement proceedings regarding patents, trademarks and designs

English, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian,German